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“Pay-your health-forward”


Lisa's Quotes and Poetry
"Rebalancing your H-Portfolio might be necessary if you are not getting a good return on your H-Investment." from "Immune Wealth" Blog
"The decision to follow a course of H-Investments must be made as an informed choice, knowing its risks, benefits, and potential alternatives." from "Spinal Wealth" Blog (Low back)
"The joys of doing something that makes your heart sing can calm and center the body for the day." about Stress Reduction
"I believe managing and reducing stress equates to making a deposit into your Life’s Bank." about Stress Reduction
Once you have some H-Goals, you can begin to build your H-Portfolio and start “saving.” from "Essential Wealth" Blog
"Acupuncture results are cumulative, which means your H-Investment has a low risk and high return, and you can benefit from “compounding.” By reinvesting, you maximize your potential." about Acupuncture
"Just as you would like to see your bank account grow from your deposits, we are trying to bridge the gap between health and wealth by supplementing your current H-Savings." from "Physical Wealth (Fitness)" Blog
"Diversity matters. When you build an H-Portfolio that is diverse and filled with H-Investments that you love, you don’t get bored, and that makes it much easier to COMPLY COMPLY COMPLY." from "Cardiovascular Wealth" Blog