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Gentle Touch Acupuncture

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About Gentle Touch Acupuncture

Acupuncture is at the core of Gentle Touch Lifestyle, and the goal of acupuncture is to optimize a patient’s qi, ("chi”) or life force. Through gentle acupuncture of the meridians that crisscross our bodies, we can transform "bad” qi (which creates sickness, nervousness, depression, and lack of energy) into strong, healthy qi. Acupuncture is the focus of Lisa's practice and the means of unlocking your body’s ultimate potential. Lisa often combines acupuncture treatments with other forms of exercise, creating an overall treatment system for the wellbeing of each individual patient.

Pain management 

Lisa combines her extensive training in acupuncture and Chinese medicine with her physical therapy background. She has a detailed knowledge and understanding of anatomy, which helps her to diagnose and alleviate muscle, joint, and soft tissue pain. Lisa has a particular interest and expertise in treating the spine. She is experienced in the Maitland-Australian Concept, which is recognized worldwide as an efficient, safe, and gentle way to alleviate pain, restore movement, and maximize function in patients with orthopedic problems. She has helped patients successfully overcome pain associated with multiple diagnoses and areas of the body. Such diagnoses may include herniated discs, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, and neuropathy, among others.  

Sports medicine and injuries 

Lisa has provided physical therapy and rehabilitation to the New York Rangers as well as several NFL players. She is an expert in manual, trigger point, and myofascial release therapies. Acupuncture treatments with various forms of exercise create an overall treatment system for the wellbeing of each individual patient. Her specialized approach to care is effective for a wide range of ailments, from common overuse issues such as tendonitis to acute injuries and recovery after surgery.  

In addition to her physical therapy background, Lisa is also a certified personal trainer. She is available to consult with personal trainers regarding particular issues with their clients that may require alternative approaches to exercise.

Digestive disorders

Lisa’s approach to digestive disorders lie in her own personal battle of ulcerative colitis. She has developed her multi-pronged approach to help patients overcome various digestive disorders using acupuncture, breathing exercises, and lifestyle changes. 

Infants and children 

Acupuncture has advantages for both infants and children, and Lisa employs an intuitive, integrated, acupuncture-based therapy to enhance function and alleviate discomfort in infants and children with multiple types of health complications. She has had significant success in treating children with allergies, anxiety, digestive issues, pain, behavioral issues, and autism spectrum disorders. Acupressure and cupping can be used for children who are squeamish about needles. 

Preventative medicine 

Breathing exercises are often vital in stress reduction, alleviating chronic pain, preventing disease, or in simply improving a current workout routine. Breathing problems are often associated with stress, and Lisa employs a conservative and individualized approach including posture improvement, pain relief techniques, and respiration corrections. Lisa combines her Chinese medicine with her physical therapy background to teach clients one on one or in corporate breathing workshops. Acupuncture increases overall energy and vitality, and it helps the body overcome injury and stress. Regular, monthly acupuncture treatments can help maintain good health and a sense of wellbeing. Research supports that acupuncture stimulates immune functioning, which can increase resistance to bacterial and viral infections. 

Facial or cosmetic acupuncture—holistic approach 

Lisa is a licensed cosmetologist with training and experience in treating the skin. Treatments with facial acupuncture help to maintain beauty, radiance, and vitality and will stimulate collagen production and increase local blood and lymph circulation. Acupuncture improves the complexion by diminishing wrinkles, decreasing puffiness under the eyes and firming the skin. If needed, this treatment can be supplemented by dietary and exercise recommendations to promote physical and spiritual rejuvenation. 

Non-surgical scoliosis and kyphosis treatment 

Acupuncture helps release affected muscles in the back, neck, and other areas of the body. Combined with the Schroth exercise method, both approaches can improve posture, relieve pain, reverse the rotational effects of scoliosis on the spine, and eliminate the need for surgeries.  

Gentle Touch Acupuncture is Gentle Enough for the Whole Family. 
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