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Testimonials for Other Conditions

Hand Tremors and Stress. No one could help me until I met Lisa. My hand tremors and muscle weakness are gone. I continue my sessions with her to keep all my gains. She is compassionate and truly gifted. -O.T. 
P.D. and Stress. Dr. Lisa Williams has made a tremendous difference in my life. When I started my treatments I had tremors that really bothered me, especially when I was stressed out. I am forever grateful for Lisa's talent and enthusiasm. What a wonderful difference she has made in my life. -P
Fertility. I guess your treatments worked quicker than expected! I'm about 6 weeks along and have been feeling really great. I wanted to let you know that I'm probably not going to be able to come to you regularly, but I'm hoping I can still set up appointments every now and then. You have been such a great help and I have really enjoyed all of my treatments. Thanks again for everything.-A
Fertility. Dear Lisa, You have been such a great friend and healer. I can't believe after trying for 1 year, I am pregnant after 4 weeks of your treatments. Thanks again for everything.-E
Fertility and Stress. Thank you, Lisa. I feel so much better and much more relaxed about the situation. You helped me put everything in perspective and I'm not so worried for the moment. I just bought all my vitamins and I'm ready to be positive and healthy! Thank you for letting me vent to you, don't know what I would do without you! -C
Arm Pain, PMS, Sleep Problems, and Digestive Problems. I was in my late 20s when I suffered from a fall which caused a stress or hairline fracture on my left arm. I had seen a well-known Sports doctor who recommended a surgery to allow proper healing. I consulted with Lisa to see if there are other options. She suggested acupuncture. I attended weekly sessions with targeting / treating my injury. The swelling decreased within days and the pain disappeared in a few weeks. I did not need surgery and almost ten years later, my arm is as good as it was before my injury.

 During my first intake appointment with Lisa, I had informed her about digestion problems, painful PMS which I could not resolve with birth control pills, lack of energy and acne. She advised me to have a series of acupuncture treatments. I tried to see her regularly, every other week or so. I started seeing changes with my body. She targeted kidney and liver points. It was clear to me that my health has improved. I started getting good night sleeps; I felt stronger and had increased my running. 

Overall, I am happy that acupuncture is a very sophisticated practice of alternative medicine. Lisa’s practice is built with love and she treats everyone from her heart with great knowledge, her refined skills and best intentions. -Eden
Pediatric P.T. It is hard to express what an important part of Z's life you are. You have helped us shape him into the smart, happy and healthy little boy that he is. We could never thank you enough for taking such good care of him and loving him the way you do since he was an infant. - J
Pediatric P.T. Lisa, we could never thank you enough for taking such good care of - and now he is able to walk. He always looked forward to his sessions with you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart- R.
Respiratory Problems, Reproductive, and Intestinal Issues. Lisa is my acupuncturist but also has been a doctor, friend and psychologist among other things all wrapped in one. I try not to promote people and businesses but she has been life changing for me not only for respiratory, reproductive and intestinal issues. Dr. Lisa Williams also has a great blog to check out. -G
Family Sessions for Stress and Sleep. Dr. Lisa Williams treats my whole family. She is incredible with my 2 small children. They are so much happier thanks to her care and concern.-M
Headches. Lisa is incredible with children. Her care and concern put my child at ease, and he felt better after a few sessions.-S.
Sciatica, Stress, and Fatigue. I'm so grateful for finding Lisa and Gentle Touch! I came to Lisa with bad sciatic pain that was deteriorating my life quality. After a few sessions of seeing her, the pain was gone. Her treatment was incredibly effective. Now I see her as a preventive treatment, and after every session I feel more energetic and my body and muscles are more relaxed. Her treatment helps me to cope with the daily stresses of life. I highly recommend her! -A. Lopez
Migraines and Stress. Lisa helped my migraines in 1 session. I left her office with a headache and within an hour I felt like a different person. -S
Idiopathic Scoliosis and Back Pain. Dr. Lisa Williams is a great teacher and healer! My scoliosis caused me so much pain for many years, and now I have relief. Thank you Lisa for teaching me the Schroth Method and reducing my pain with your amazing acupuncture sessions-M.L.
Progressive Neurological Disease. I was diagnosed with a progressive neurological disease, and I believe Lisa's treatments and compassion have helped me live a symptom free life. Thank you Lisa!! -F
Headaches and Insomnia. If you want a great health care professional, go see Lisa. She is extremely passionate about what she does and she loves to help people feel better! Check out her Fund Your Health blog -J.
Extreme Pain in Neck, Stress, and Tingling. I started acupuncture and physical therapy with extreme pain in my neck, shoulders, and numbness and tingling in my hands. From the very beginning of my acupuncture treatments and PT with Dr. Lisa Williams, I felt like I was working with a true healer. Lisa was able to provide me with immediate pain relief. In addition, she suggested other "H-Investments" which were all extremely helpful. Through a series of treatments my entire health improved significantly. Lisa is calm, competent, professional, and very knowledgeable in many many health issues. Thank you!!
Schroth Method for Scoliosis and Back Pain. I have tried different physical therapists and acupuncturists, but nothing worked for my scoliosis and back pain. I finally did extensive research and found the Schroth Method to be helpful with scoliosis. I asked around, and I traveled to New York City to work with Dr. Lisa Williams. Meeting Lisa was incredible, she is not only certified in Schroth, she is a licensed acupuncturist. With her professional and Zen-like manner, and expertise, she taught me the Schroth Method to help reduce my pain and gain control over my body. I am so very grateful to Lisa for what she has done for me. I plan to continue my sessions and don't care how much I have to travel! -A.T.
Specific Testimonials on: Sleeping problems, stress management, digestive problems, sports injuries, orthopedic Issues, musculoskeletal problems, among others.