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Testimonials for Digestive Problems

IBS. I suffered IBS for more than 7 years. After several consultations with Lisa, all of my symptoms were gone. She helped me organize and prioritize my daily "digestive hygiene" - Beth
Anxiety, Depression, Digestive Problems, and Back Pain. When I met Lisa, I was in my early twenties and suffering from an array of medical issues that all were being misdiagnosed. It was my first experience with acupuncture but from the moment I stepped into Lisa’s office I knew it was the right decision. Her calm and caring demeanor put my anxieties at ease and we began right away sorting through my issues- anxiety, depression, difficulty with digestion and severe back pain. Lisa always listened to my concerns and treated with a gentle touch. When I wanted assistance making lifestyle changes, she was always supportive and lending a helping hand whether it be with herbal remedies or nutritional knowledge. Fast forward to almost ten years later and I can truly say that Lisa has changed my life. I am medication free and rarely suffer from anxiety. My digestion issues have resolved along with my debilitating back pain. She has treated me through my wedding, a terrible loss and the birth of my first child. Lisa truly is a healer and I feel the utmost gratitude for her kindness, warm heart and healing hands. -Meg
Gas and Bloating. Lisa, Thank you for helping me! I can't believe I suffered all of these years, and wish I met you sooner. I love your blog, Fund Your health! I am funding my health now! Thanks to you and your wisdom. -H.
Arm Pain, PMS, Sleep Problems, and Digestive Problems. I was in my late 20s when I suffered from a fall which caused a stress or hairline fracture on my left arm. I had seen a well-known Sports doctor who recommended a surgery to allow proper healing. I consulted with Lisa to see if there are other options. She suggested acupuncture. I attended weekly sessions with targeting / treating my injury. The swelling decreased within days and the pain disappeared in a few weeks. I did not need surgery and almost ten years later, my arm is as good as it was before my injury.

 During my first intake appointment with Lisa, I had informed her about digestion problems, painful PMS which I could not resolve with birth control pills, lack of energy and acne. She advised me to have a series of acupuncture treatments. I tried to see her regularly, every other week or so. I started seeing changes with my body. She targeted kidney and liver points. It was clear to me that my health has improved. I started getting good night sleeps; I felt stronger and had increased my running. 

Overall, I am happy that acupuncture is a very sophisticated practice of alternative medicine. Lisa’s practice is built with love and she treats everyone from her heart with great knowledge, her refined skills and best intentions. -Eden
Acid Reflux. I suffered with severe acid reflux from the age of 15 on. For almost 20 years, I suffered every day and tried every drug that came on the market. Some would work for a while but the condition always returned. I had given up hope of ever finding relief. Lisa started treating me. It took less than a year and my acid reflux was gone. I had almost forgotten what it was like to feel normal. Lisa gave me this gift and restored my health. - M
Acid Reflux and Bloating. My child suffered from terrible acid reflux and the doctor put him on medication. Some medications would work for a while, but the symptoms always made him cry for hours on end. Lisa suggested some H-Investments that we could manage, and in a few months all of his symptoms were gone. She understands digestive issues because she had them all in the past! Thank you Lisa!! -Sona
Respiratory Problems, Reproductive, and Intestinal Issues. Lisa is my acupuncturist but also has been a doctor, friend and psychologist among other things all wrapped in one. I try not to promote people and businesses but she has been life changing for me not only for respiratory, reproductive and intestinal issues. Dr. Lisa Williams also has a great blog to check out. -G
Poor Sleep and Digestive Problems. We agree, Gentle Touch is definitely "Gentle Enough for the Whole Family!" Our whole family loves seeing Dr. W! Her treatments have helped all of us in more ways than I could have ever imagined. She helped us start our H-Portfolio and now it includes acupuncture and some organic foods. I highly recommend her! -C
Colitis and Insomnia. If you want compassion, go see Dr. Lisa. She is so passionate about what she does because of her own medical history that she just gets it! -P.O.
Ulcerative Colitis. After six years of medications had failed to reduce my symptoms, I was referred to Lisa by a friend, and she helped me so much. It took time, but I knew it would since I had this disease for a long time. Please go see her! -O.
GERD. Lisa is amazing! I could not be happier with my results from her sessions. She understands digestive problems because she had them a long time ago. I feel amazing and felt like she listened to all of my concerns and more! Go see her! Thanks again for everything.-E.M.
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