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“Pay-your health-forward”


Lisa is truly gifted! I had debilitating lower back pain as well as bladder problems and physical therapy sessions were doing little to alleviate my pain. But each session with Lisa brought sustained relief through her focused treatment and her guidance.  I was returned to a pain-free life throughher expertise. I continued sessions with Lisa and found balance and health in areas of my life that I had not given my attention to previously. A life of sounder sleep, improved digestion, decreased anxiety and general wellness was the gift I received from this truly skilled and compassionate woman. -Linda, Occupational Therapist
After a five hour plane trip from Los Angeles to New York and other taxing events, I was relieved to be able to have the relaxing environment and calming hands of Lisa from Gentle Touch Acupuncture. I was bent over and could not stand straight, but after only one treatment, it felt like some magic had been worked on my back. It was empowering to know that she was capable of making me stand straight and be out of pain. That is why I choose to come for a session every time we visit New York. My husband now comes for treatments too. There is no other like Gentle Touch in New York, it is number one for both of us. She is very helpful with other healing advice. We love her. You must check it out. -Lesley and Joe Banker
Thank Heavens for Lisa and “Gentle Touch!” Without her genuine concern, sound counsel, and efficacious ministrations, I would no doubt still be plagued with unmanageable back pain. It is because of the treatments with Lisa that I avoided “going under the knife” and now live as a healthy, happy and physically active life. She really cares about her patients, and knows how to make a vast and beneficial difference in their lives. -Tom Dean, President, Murdock Capital Partners.
Lisa, I just wanted to let you know that your treatment of my cervical disc herniation and muscle spasms has been miraculous. I was hopeful when you administered the first treatment that I would become healthy and pain free. Your positive attitude, encouragement, and constant reminder that you had successfully treated other patients with similar ailments was reassuring. With each visit, I felt better and I too become a believer. This is not the first time I have been treated for my health condition. I have tried physical therapy many times and have even been to a chiropractor (oh,no). I attribute my recovery to your unique approach, which blends your knowledge of human physiology with Eastern medicine. I looked forward to each treatment as I knew that when I left your office, I would feel better. Please feel free to use my experience as a reference to other patients. I am confident that these patients will become pain free too! -All the best, Doug Bermingham
When I met Lisa, I was in my early twenties and suffering from an array of medical issues that all were being misdiagnosed. It was my first experience with acupuncture but from the moment I stepped into Lisa’s office I knew it was the right decision. Her calm and caring demeanor put my anxieties at ease and we began right away sorting through my issues- anxiety, depression, difficulty with digestion and severe back pain. Lisa always listened to my concerns and treated with a gentle touch. When I wanted assistance making lifestyle changes, she was always supportive and lending a helping hand whether it be with herbal remedies or nutritional knowledge. Fast forward to almost ten years later and I can truly say that Lisa has changed my life. I am medication free and rarely suffer from anxiety. My digestion issues have resolved along with my debilitating back pain. She has treated me through my wedding, a terrible loss and the birth of my first child. Lisa truly is a healer and I feel the utmost gratitude for her kindness, warm heart and healing hands. -Meg
I guess your treatments worked quicker than expected! I'm about 6 weeks along and have been feeling really great. I wanted to let you know that I'm probably not going to be able to come to you regularly, but I'm hoping I can still set up appointments every now and then. You have been such a great help and I have really enjoyed all of my treatments. Thanks again for everything.-A
Thank you, Lisa. I feel so much better and much more relaxed about the situation. You helped me put everything in perspective and I'm not so worried for the moment. I just bought all my vitamins and I'm ready to be positive and healthy! Thank you for letting me vent to you, don't know what I would do without you! -C
I was in my late 20s when I suffered from a fall which caused a stress or hairline fracture on my left arm. I had seen a well-known Sports doctor who recommended a surgery to allow proper healing. I consulted with Lisa to see if there are other options. She suggested acupuncture. I attended weekly sessions with targeting / treating my injury. The swelling decreased within days and the pain disappeared in a few weeks. I did not need surgery and almost ten years later, my arm is as good as it was before my injury.

 During my first intake appointment with Lisa, I had informed her about digestion problems, painful PMS which I could not resolve with birth control pills, lack of energy and acne. She advised me to have a series of acupuncture treatments. I tried to see her regularly, every other week or so. I started seeing changes with my body. She targeted kidney and liver points. It was clear to me that my health has improved. I started getting good night sleeps; I felt stronger and had increased my running. 

Overall, I am happy that acupuncture is a very sophisticated practice of alternative medicine. Lisa’s practice is built with love and she treats everyone from her heart with great knowledge, her refined skills and best intentions. -Eden
It is hard to express what an important part of Z's life you are. You have helped us shape him into the smart, happy and healthy little boy that he is. We could never thank you enough for taking such good care of him and loving him the way you do since he was an infant. - J
Thank you Lisa!! I loved seeing you too, I am always relaxed and at ease with your good care!! - M
Thank you Lisa! I have had insomnia most of my life and now I am sleeping. You are a great listener and healer!! - S
I suffered with severe acid reflux from the age of 15 on. For almost 20 years, I suffered every day and tried every drug that came on the market. Some would work for a while but the condition always returned. I had given up hope of ever finding relief. Lisa started treating me. It took less than a year and my acid reflux was gone. I had almost forgotten what it was like to feel normal. Lisa gave me this gift and restored my health. - M
My arm feels much better and I think it’s because of your therapy -A
My experience with Lisa has been very positive. I had a degenerative disc that physical therapists couldn’t provide a long-term solution for. Also, a cortisone injection only provided temporary relief. Lisa has quickly gotten my back into stable condition, allowing me to play tennis and run consistently again. She has also provided me great nutritional tips along with what vitamins to take. I truly feel grateful for meeting her, and that’s why I’d recommend going her way. I’ll let her know that you may be contacting her. -J
Thanks for the info - wanted to let you know that I can actually move my thumb today! It still hurts, but it's the best it's been in a very long time. Absolutely amazing - Thank you!!-Allison
Re: PT for my children.
They are both doing really great and have been cleared from PT!  You really got them both off to such a great start their first year, and we will forever appreciate it! -K
Lisa is my acupuncturist but also has been a doctor, friend and psychologist among other things all wrapped in one. I try not to promote people and businesses but she has been life changing for me not only for respiratory, reproductive and intestinal issues. Dr. Lisa Williams also has a great blog to check out. -G
I had a car accident about ten years ago and ended up with a bulging disk. Tried everything over the course of 6 months - pain killers, muscle relaxers, chiropractic, pain killers etc... finally went to see Lisa and got some real relief. No more tingling!! She's a miracle worker. -T
I was not a believer in acupuncture, until I had my session with Dr. Lisa Williams! She was incredible and truly made me a believer in her and acupuncture! I highly recommend her!!!! She is truly the best! -C
Dr. Lisa Williams treats my whole family. She is incredible with my 2 small children. They are so much happier thanks to her care and concern.-M
Best best healer with the most incredible touch.-M
Re: PT: my shoulder. I slept so much better last night, no middle of the night stabbing pain from rolling over:) I definitely have an improved range of motion this morning, although it's tender at the site. I will continue to work it, and I am so happy it's something easy to deal with..-J
I'm so grateful for finding Lisa and Gentle Touch! I came to Lisa with bad sciatic pain that was deteriorating my life quality. After a few sessions of seeing her, the pain was gone. Her treatment was incredibly effective. Now I see her as a preventive treatment, and after every session I feel more energetic and my body and muscles are more relaxed. Her treatment helps me to cope with the daily stresses of life. I highly recommend her! -A. Lopez
We agree, Gentle Touch is definitely "Gentle Enough for the Whole Family!" Our whole family loves seeing Dr. W! Her treatments have helped all of us in more ways than I could have ever imagined. She helped us start our H-portfolio and now it includes acupuncture. I highly recommend her! -C
Dr. Williams is truly amazing and her "H=W formula" worked! Not only did we save money by learning about "H-Investments" for our low back, we learned how to prevent them by "paying our-health-forward." Brilliant idea. -S
Within minutes, Dr. Williams came up with my "H-Solution" to a problem that couldn't be solved by many other health professionals. Thank you! -V
Lisa's home visit not only helped, but within minutes she identified what was causing our health problem in the first place. Amazing! -S
Lisa helped my migraines in 1 session. I left her office with a headache and within an hour I felt like a different person. -S
Dr. Lisa Williams is a great teacher and healer! My scoliosis caused me so much pain for many years, and now I have relief. Thank you Lisa for teaching me the Schroth Method and reducing my pain with your amazing acupuncture sessions-M.L.
I had ten years of neck pain and bulging disks. I have tried absolutely everything- P.T., pain killers, chiropractic, muscle relaxers, and of course many many Doctors, etc... Dr. Lisa is a miracle worker, I am now pain-free. -R., R.N.
I was diagnosed with a progressive neurological disease, and I believe Lisa's treatments and compassion have helped me live a symptom free life. Thank you Lisa!! -F
If you want compassion, go see Dr. Lisa. She is so passionate about what she does because of her own medical history that she just gets it! -P.O.