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Personal Training and Nutritional Services

Photo credit: Lisa Williams
Personal Trainer

With her background in physical rehabilitation, Lisa can help patients map out an exercise plan that will build strength and incorporate overall wellbeing through gentle, graceful movement that nurtures the body. Exercise plans are designed to fit the individual’s lifestyle and goals and his or her body’s specific needs. To gain optimal results, personal sessions to guide you in your workout regimen can be arranged.


Lisa combines her knowledge of exercise, nutritional alteration, and supplementation with her Chinese medicine background. The body and the fuel that runs it greatly determine quality of life. What to eat every day should be an important decision. Lisa teaches what each individual needs to know to make his or her body run optimally. She can assist each individual’s body chemistry to exact the greatest benefit from a healthy lifestyle. 

Take that first step and invest in your health and contact Lisa today to schedule a free 15-minute phone, in person, or Skype consultation to discuss your individual health concerns.