Fund Your Health by Preventing Bad Posture by Dr. Lisa Williams


Health = Wealth

H-Asset: Spinal Wealth

H-Investment: Improving Posture

Standing tall is more the exception than the rule in modern busy times simply because so many of us fail to understand how bad our posture actually is. We put our bodies through an enormous amount of pressure each and every day.  Even more disturbing is the fact we don’t even notice it unless we have significant pain.

Go ahead and take a look at the mirror right now. Is your head leaning forward too much? Are your shoulders slumping? Furthermore, are you hunched towards the ground during your regular walks or towards the tabletop when you write or work on a computer? If you are like the majority of people, then the answer to all of the above questions is yes. All of these things put a tremendous amount of abnormal pressure on your spine which lead to harmful complications in the long run.

Eradicate the Bad Posture Habits

Tybee Island. Photo by Lisa Williams

If bad habits are a major contributing factor to dysfunctional posture, then changing them needs to be one of your main goals. Self-correction techniques are essential to building new, healthier postural habits.  Take sitting, for example. Too often we bend over to get our heads closer to the desk surface when writing. This creates stress throughout the spine and abnormal curves. Instead of slumping and forming a “c” shape with the spine, create a new habit to align the spine: put your feet flat on the floor, and align your hips, back, and shoulders. Try writing in this well balanced position instead. This should be your approach any time you are sitting in a chair – regardless of the activity.

A Straight Spine Promotes Overall Health

The truth is that a hunched back is also going to reduce your quality of life by preventing your muscles from working properly, thereby causing back pain. With this in mind, if you manage to align your back, you are going to stimulate the overall flow of the blood throughout your entire body which  promotes enhanced energy and breathing and reduces any ill effects that you may be experiencing with physical activities.

Furthermore, you are not going to be passively subjecting your joints to abnormal pressure, because standing tall makes the body handle gravity more naturally.

If your back is even slightly hunched you are in for a bumpy ride into old age. The truth is that while you may not discover any disturbing health complications right now, as the years advance, you certainly will. Historically, we have developed a culture of fixing things after they are broken rather than preventing them from occurring in the first place. Once you get older, prevention shifts to illness and treatment and the solutions  take a lot more effort, time, and money and are never fully effective.

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What you invest in your health IS an important decision, and Dr. Lisa Williams can help you organize, prioritize, and maximize your H-Investments, using her unique Health=Wealth concept that will create health and balance, and empower you to invest and manage your own H-Portfolio. Take that first step and invest in your health and Contact Lisa today to schedule a free 15-minute phone, in person, or Skype consultation to discuss your individual health concerns. For over 30 years, Lisa has been helping people successfully overcome and manage a wide variety of ailments and conditions such as sleeping problems, stress management, digestive problems, sports injuries, orthopedic issues and musculoskeletal problemsamong others.

About Lisa’s Fund Your Health Blog

Lisa developed the Fund Your Health Blog to inspire people to achieve their health and wellness goals, by sharing what she has learned throughout her career and from her own personal journey. With Lisa’s relentless pursuit to restore the natural healing process, she reviews specific health assets (H-Assets) and recommends sound health investments (H-Investments) for building health dividends (H-Dividends) that are the key to a healthy lifestyle and will pay off in years to come. Yes, it is all about the H’s in her Health Portfolio. Using her approach will empower you to find your own solutions for a healthy lifestyle.

About Dr. Lisa Williams

Lisa has developed a business culture of health equals wealth and a core philosophy that bridges the gap between health and wealth using what she calls H-Portfolios (Health Portfolios), which leads to overall health. Lisa’s quest for health answers began nearly 30 years ago, when she needed to start building her own H-Portfolio, and this led her to create a multi-pronged approach to health and wellness, and pursue other areas of medicine and attain her acupuncture license. Lisa has managed several health clinics and consulted in multiple corporate, health and wellness industries and branches of medicine. Her areas of practice and experience have included corporate wellness, fitness, health and beauty, internal medicine, neurology, pain management, pediatrics, rehabilitation, schools, scoliosis management, sports injuries, and weight loss clinics. 

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Photo credit: Lisa Williams


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