Fund Your Health by Reducing Joint Pain (Part 2) by Dr. Lisa Williams


Health = Wealth

H-Asset: Joint Wealth 

H-Investment: Physical Exercise (Walking and Stairs) 

Physical exercise is another very wise H-Investment that improves your overall health and wealth. Building an H-Portfolio that includes this H-Investment (Physical Exercise) is very affordable (and in most places FREE). Inflation could be your inflammation. Just as inflation can diminish your investments, inflammation can reduce your mobility. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. In the United States, a staggering, 81 billion dollars in direct medical cost are spent each year on arthritis and other rheumatic conditions. Making sound H-Investments early on could change these troubling statistics.

Here is my H=W (Health = Wealth) formula: I try to get physical exercise by walking and/or biking each day. I walk at least 10,000 steps, five days a week. I rarely take the elevator if there are six flights or less of stairs. Stairs are a free exercise machine, use them. 

As a licensed physical therapist, I am certain this H-investment is worth every cent. Physical exercise, along with maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial in preventing arthritis. Pharmacologic treatment of arthritis for pain has a lot of side effects, whereas 150 minutes of weekly exercise combined with other H-Investments, has shown positive results for many patients. Building a lifelong fitness program that makes sense to you and your family not only makes you a more-informed investor, but could prevent well known H-Problems that may mean very expensive repairs.

Preventive treatments and methods, can save lives and reduce the number of unnecessary hospital trips, doctor visits, and/or medications. According to the National Commission on Prevention Priorities, preventive services not only save lives, but also save money. Such measures could save nearly two million lives and nearly $4 billion dollars a year!

I cannot express the importance of building an H-Portfolio that includes this important H-Investment. This is just one more way to pay your health forward by adding H-Investments to your and your family’s H-Portfolio that could fund your health. It is never too early or too late to invest in your health.

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What you invest in your health IS an important decision, and Dr. Lisa Williams can help you organize, prioritize, and maximize your H-Investments, using her unique Health=Wealth concept that will create health and balance, and empower you to invest and manage your own H-Portfolio. Take that first step and invest in your health and Contact Lisa today to schedule a free 15-minute phone, in person, or Skype consultation to discuss your individual health concerns. For over 30 years, Lisa has been helping people successfully overcome and manage a wide variety of ailments and conditions such as sleeping problems, stress management, digestive problems, sports injuries, orthopedic issues and musculoskeletal problemsamong others.

About Lisa’s Fund Your Health Blog

Lisa developed the Fund Your Health Blog to inspire people to achieve their health and wellness goals, by sharing what she has learned throughout her career and from her own personal journey. With Lisa’s relentless pursuit to restore the natural healing process, she reviews specific health assets (H-Assets) and recommends sound health investments (H-Investments) for building health dividends (H-Dividends) that are the key to a healthy lifestyle and will pay off in years to come. Yes, it is all about the H’s in her Health Portfolio. Using her approach will empower you to find your own solutions for a healthy lifestyle.

About Dr. Lisa Williams

Lisa has developed a business culture of health equals wealth and a core philosophy that bridges the gap between health and wealth using what she calls H-Portfolios (Health Portfolios), which leads to overall health. Lisa’s quest for health answers began nearly 30 years ago, when she needed to start building her own H-Portfolio, and this led her to create a multi-pronged approach to health and wellness, and pursue other areas of medicine and attain her acupuncture license. Lisa has managed several health clinics and consulted in multiple corporate, health and wellness industries and branches of medicine. Her areas of practice and experience have included corporate wellness, fitness, health and beauty, internal medicine, neurology, pain management, pediatrics, rehabilitation, schools, scoliosis management, sports injuries, and weight loss clinics. 

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